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Review RewardsUpdated 10 months ago

This is one of our most powerful Pro features. Offering discount codes to customers who leave reviews will dramatically increase your review count, as well as future sales.

Key Features:

  • Reward either one product per order, or every product per order 
  • Set a cut-off timeframe for rewards to be generated for reviews, to help entice yor customers to leave a review sooner 
  • Set an expiration on discount codes that are generated 
  • Setup a reward for Text and/or Image reviews. This way you can offer a larger discount for image reviews. 
  • Rewards can be fixed $ value or % value 
  • Add a promo banner to your review request email to help highlight the rewards on offer 
  • Prompt existing customers to submit reviews for historical orders 
  • Send a follow up email if the customer doesn’t review an order after X days.

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